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Formative Activities

The world’s reading from the body’s reading. This premise appears in between the lines of the Formative Actions program. A conscience borrowed from educator Paulo Freire (1927-1997), to who we should learn from each other.  “One does not educate anybody, nobody educates themselves, men educate themselves, disseminated by the world,” he notes in the book Pedagogy of the Oppressed. Even with the prevalence of remote mediation, as oriented by the World Health Organization, the Sesc Dance Biennial does not give up on the transversality provided in the previous editions.  As when designing the 2021 Scenic Actions, the organization made use of adaptations to encourage the exchange of knowledge and actions between the audience, artists, companies, thinkers, and other bodies from this circle. The Formative invite to navigate through the pleasure of knowledge in open classes, courses, reflection tables, podcasts, sound plays, films, and video dance exhibits, anyway, a palette of senses complementary or even dissonant to the forms or contents of shows or performances recorded or broadcast directly from one of our units.  It is always worth reminding that there are options for all age groups.
[atelier for children] Between Screens and Squares

Com Melina Sanchez (Brasil/SP)

  • 09/10/21—10/10/21
[atelier for children] Between Screens and Squares

With Melina Sanchez (Brasil/SP)

  • 09/10/21—09/10/21
[discussion table] Black Memories – When the Cinema Dances

With Bethania Gomes, Hernani Heffner, Luciane Ramos-Silva, and Sabrina Fidalgo. Mediation: Carmen Luz

  • 10/04 • 4:00 PM
[discussion table] Ismael Ivo: Frente e Verso [Front and Back]

Cláudia Nwabasili, Roges Doglas, Cleide Queiroz, Fábio Mazzoni, Fernanda Bueno, Marcio Aurelio e Cássia Navas

  • 10/05 • 5:30 PM
[discussion table] Shifting as Choreography

With the platform veiculoSUR (Germany, Brazil, Chile, Finland, France, and Uruguay)

  • 10/08 • 4:00 PM
[laboratory] Dance for All the Screens: sharing

With Isis Gasparini, Rodrigo Gontijo, and Vanessa Hassegawa (Brazil/SP/PR/PA)

  • 08/10/21—10/10/21

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