Movement Class – A Dance Experience with Live Music

Rubens Oliveira and Pâmela Amy | Brazil

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Open class

12 years


15 Sep ∙ Friday ∙ 5:00 pm

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Open class

The open class invites people with different life stories, professions and experiences in dance to discover new possibilities of movements and exchanges, going beyond the boundaries of conventional bodily experiences. Guided by the artists Rubens Oliveira and Pâmela Amy, the participants experience choreographic sequences, improvisation exercises and techniques of contemporary, African and Afro-Brazilian dances.

The class, adapted to the individual needs and capabilities of the participants, will have a live soundtrack. Elaborated by three musicians, the soundtrack creates a vibrant environment for everyone to explore their movements with freedom and expression. The synergy between music and dance is fundamental in this sensory journey, providing a unique experience to each participant.