Which movements choreograph the reencounters?

Curatorial Team of the Bienal Sesc de Dança 2023

At each new edition, the Bienal Sesc de Dança outlines the past, thanks the paths opened and continues aiming at, questioning and building the course of the festival.

After all, how to curate a festival after years of a hiatus in which the bodies were reclusive in sanitary, cultural and political confinement? How can a dance festival act as a ramp, on which radically plural bodies can walk up side by side and (re)invent the horizon? How to light up the flames so that we can retrieve the stories and agents responsible for the making of the dances of this land we call Brazil?

When a question is dissected, many more arise. Proposing a curatorial approach is not about searching for answers, but about being open to listening, capturing signs within the contexts and taking them in. Making connections is the fertile ground for the emergence of new challenges that disrupt the comfort of normativity, which insists on dictating what the body should be and whom it should serve.

From this brief rift, all the possibilities break away, making it seem reasonable to dream up other worlds, to build new ramps on which to walk up collectively, to forest futures and to wind time.

For the thirteenth edition of the Bienal Sesc de Dança, the curatorship aims for a festival that can be lived as a community experience, based on encounters and connections between artists and audiences. The program proposes a look that contemplates various contexts of dance in Brazil and the world, revealed in the form of “passinhos” [a style of Brazilian popular dance], dances of struggle and resistance, classical and contemporary traditions put into perspective. The purpose is to create spaces of defiance built around the art of dance, while figuring out what meanings the dances of different places acquire when gathered in this territory-time, Campinas-Bienal.

It is also an aspiration to dance to transmute the flesh: cleansings, communal baths, giras (a ceremony in the Umbanda religion) and the imaginary fall of monuments and worlds that no longer make sense. The presence and the reunion face to face, side by side, are longed for. Let the classes bathe the city in sweat!

The educational activities invite people to occupy the space. With multiple amplified voices, we will investigate what is in the words of dance, overflowing what did not fit in the selection of shows, and bringing together artists from different territories, trajectories and memories.

Therefore, the attempt to build a curatorship for alterity, for the community and for different dances takes place. The pursuit extends to fostering and articulating alliances so we can keep on dancing in a world that can be restricted and restrictive.

Against the barriers, the Biennial’s program calls for the different fusions and inventiveness that each body assumes to be as it is and tells its own stories.

Modes of development

Abram Szajman
President of the Regional Council of Sesc São Paulo 

We live in times of recovery. After years of the Covid-19 pandemic, with health uncertainties, economic impacts and various vulnerabilities plaguing the population, this is the time to ensure the path of resumption of opportunities, which have been hampered by adversity. Thinking about the future and proposing strategies for socioeconomic development has been a constant concern of the business community.

Attentive to the well-being and quality of life of its workers and their families, the entrepreneurs in businesses, tourism and services, through the creation of Sesc, in 1946, strives to provide activities for the enjoyment of its priority community, but also for the society in general. Developed in the areas of education, culture, leisure, health and assistance, the actions offered by the institution aim, above all, at human development, understanding it as an important stage for the formation of individuals whose skills and competencies will contribute to society.

Throughout its years of existence, many projects have marked the history of Sesc, as well as its relevance for the development of the cultural sector and the areas related to it. One of these achievements is the Bienal Sesc de Dança, which counts on the participation of national and international artists, activating an economic network that involves different partners, with the audience being the biggest beneficiary of the action. Thus, we continue to drive the economic growth of different sectors, believing that a fully developed society can provide better living conditions to its population.

What moves us?

Danilo Santos de Miranda
Director of Sesc São Paulo

Stimuli are a motor for movements. Concerning the body, they can be endogenous, for the maintenance of life, with the satisfaction of the physiological desires and needs of individuals, or exogenous, as a response to the weather, a physical obstacle or a social dynamic, for example. Similar to ignition sparks, stimuli act as agents capable of triggering physical reactions, initiating and perpetuating movements.

Such processes, voluntary or involuntary, situate us about the environment and ourselves, in manifestations in which, many times, the rational domain escapes us, triggering circuits of meaning closer to the field of emotions than to that of reason. Artistic and cultural expressions can be activators of these sensitive paths, with the potential to snatch us and displace us, at least symbolically, from the common sense, by providing unusual experiences.

In this perspective, Sesc holds, in 2023, the Bienal Sesc de Dança which, in its thirteenth edition, returns to the face-to-face format, after the period of restrictions imposed by sanitary issues. In a path that intersects diverse and dialogical meanings, contemporary dance deals with varied corporeities and interactions, and may present vital complexities that extrapolate aesthetic restrictions, binary oppositions, or colonizing modes.

Movement turns potency into act; the body is a relational organism. Considering these two aspects, it is possible to affirm: affections, resulting from the relations between inside and outside, will trigger the changes that are so necessary for the constitution of a fairer society. To this end, we hope that events like this can contribute to this citizenship formation, through reflections proposed from a diverse artistic panorama, which inspires connections and invite us to make a difference, moving us.

Production credits

Administração Regional no Estado de São Paulo 

SESC – Social Service of Commerce
Administration in São Paulo State  



Abram Szajman


Danilo Santos de Miranda



Deputy Directors  

Técnico-social / Social and Programming 

Rosana Paulo da Cunha 

Comunicação social / Communication 

Aurea Leszczynski Vieira Gonçalves 

Administração / Administration 

Jackson de Andrade Matos 

Assessoria Técnica e de Planejamento/
Technical Planning 

Marta Raquel Colabone 

Consultoria técnica/ Technical Consultant 

Luiz Deoclécio Massaro Galina 




Ação Cultural/ Cultural Action
Érika Mourão Trindade Dutra
Estudos e Desenvolvimento/ Studies and Development
João Paulo Leite Guadanucci
Atendimento e Relacionamento com Públicos/ Customer Service and Relationship
Ricardo Gentil de Oliveira
Artes Gráficas/ Graphic Design
Rogério Ianelli
Centro de Produção Audiovisual/ Audiovisual Production Center
Wagner Palazzi Perez
Difusão e Promoção/ Press Relation
Ligia Moreira Moreli
Desenvolvimento de Produtos/ Products Development
Évelim Moraes Sesc Digital
Digital Sesc
Fernando Amodeo Tuacek
Assessoria de Relações Internacionais/  International Affairs
Heloisa Pisani
Assessoria Jurídica/ Legal
Carla Bertucci
Assessoria de Imprensa/Press Relations
Ana Lucia de La Vega
Sesc Campinas
Hideki Yoshimoto 


Bienal Sesc de Dança 2023 

Coordenação geral/ General Coordination
Hideki Yoshimoto 

Coordenação executiva/ Executive Coordination
Sidnei C. Martins 

Coordenação artística/ Artistic Coordination
Talita Rebizzi   

Produção executiva/ Executive Production
Maitê Lacerda, Sara Regina Centofante, Simone da Silva Aranha e Thiago Aoki   

Curadoria/ Curatorship
Ana Dias de Andrade, Dani Scopin, Maitê Lacerda,  Natália Nolli Sasso, Soraya Portela, Talita Rebizzi e Thiago Aoki 

Equipe Sesc/ Sesc Team 

Alexandre Porto, Aline Ribenboim, André Conceição, André Queiroz, Andrea Inez, Andreia Dorta, Ariane Magalhães Campos, Arnaldo Alves da Costa, Bárbara Iara Hugo, Carlos Rocha, Cássio Garboggini Quitério, Chiara Regina Peixe, Christine Villa dos Santos, Claudia Santos, Clovis Carvalho, Cristiane Gil, Cristiane Godoy Trombini, Cristiane Komesu, Daniel Figueira Veullieme, Daniel Sanchis Fernandes, Deise Lima, Denise Ventura, Edson da Cruz, Edson Gualberto de Souza, Eduardo Lopes Magiolino, Eloá Cipriano, Fabiano Bragantini Mastrodi, Felipe O. Scavassa, Fernanda Borges, Fernando dos Reis Souza, Fernando Marineli, Francisco Henrique da Silva Brants, Francisco Santinho, Gisele Scolaro Ribeiro, Giuliano Jorge Magalhães, Helena Bartolomeu, Heloisa Ururahy, Igor do Prado, Jacqueline Coutinho, Jefferson Luis da Cunha, José Eduardo Silva Ruiz, José Gonçalves da Silva Júnior, Juliana Ramos, Karina Musumeci, Kelly Teixeira Ferrari, Laura de Melo Andare, Lerisson C. Nascimento, Lilian Rocha, Luciane Otranto, Marcelo Paulino de Souza, Marcio Rocha, Marcos Henrique da Silva, Maria Lucia Miranda, Marina Rodrigues G. Santos, Maurício Ricci, Michael Ahrens, Miguel Pinheiro Alves, Moara Zahra Iak, Natália Caetano da Silva, Natalia Mazzeo G. Mattioli, Nóbrega Arimateia Sales, Patrícia Moraes Piazzo, Paula Teixeira, Poliana Queiroz, Priscila David Vellone Ruiz, Priscila Machado Nunes, Rafaela Ometto, Rebeca Caetano Costa, Regina Gambini, Renata de Barros Corizola Yoshida, Rodrigo Gabrielli, Rodrigo R. Gonçalves, Ronaldo Domingues, Rubens Lutero, Samara F. Rosa Baptista, Sheila Andriani, Sheila Budney, Sibele Aguilar Oliveira Gioiosa, Sidênia Freire, Silvia Eri Hirao, Silvia Garcia, Solange da Silva Rocha, Tamara Demuner, Tatiana Fukuhara Borges, Tatiane Claro Ito, Valquíria Pinheiros dos Santos, Vinícius Guimarães Carneiro, Vitor Franciscon 

Ação Promocional/ Promotional action
HMS Eventos
Ambientação Externa/ Outdoor Scenography
Francine Moura 

Produção e Logística/ Production and Logistics
João Carlos Couto 

Assessoria de Imprensa/ Press Relations
Frederico Paula (Nossa Senhora da Pauta) 

Editoria Web/ Web Editors Brenda Amaral, Carolina Vidal, Daline Ribeiro, Danilo Lima, Fernando Bisan, Giuliano Martins, Hellio Zulu, Vitor Penteado 

Fotografia/ Photography
Beto Assem Identidade Visual
Design Gráfico/ Visual Identity and Graphic Design
Cesar Albornoz 

Produção de Texto/ Text Production
Mariana Marinho 

Produção de Espaços/
Venues Production
Hideki Matsuka 

Diagramação/ Layout 
Thema Estúdio de Design e Comunicação –  Thea Severino e Márcio Freitas 

Revisão e Tradução de Texto/ Editing and Text Translation
Lucia Nascimento 

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