Com Javiera Peón-Veiga e equipe do espetáculo “HAMMAM” | Chile

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Open class

16 years


24 Sep ∙ Sunday ∙ 11:00 am

Limited registrations, from R$ 10, in order of registration from 14:00 on the day 8/25, at the linkbit.ly/LÖYLY

The Finnish word “löyly” refers to the steam obtained by throwing water on hot stones, evoking a state of transition, a blurred threshold, a spirit that fades and dissipates heat. In this laboratory conducted by the Chilean artist Javiera Peón-Veiga and the team of the show “HAMMAM”, the participants are invited to a collective bath.

Experimenting with the scenic device of the show “HAMMAM”, the lab has steam and temperature as guides. The idea is that people can allow themselves to be touched, crossed, moistened and healed through their movements and medicinal properties, having their bodies transmuted.

The project, directed by the artist and co-created with Rodrigo Sobarzo, Antonia Peón-Veiga, Natalia Ramírez Püschel and Claudio Muñoz, explores water vapor and sound as environmental bodies, means of contact and affectation, as well as investigating bathing as a collective phenomenon of purification and transformation.

Each participant must bring a towel and a change of clothes.