Knowlegde in Motion: What Is Art Doing Now to Transform the Memories of the Future?

Mithkal Alzghair, Hope Azeda, Wellington Gadelha. Mediação Sonia Sobral e Princesa Ricardo Marinelli | Brasil

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All ages


23 Sep ∙ Saturday ∙ 2:00 pm

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Artists from Rwanda, Brazil and Syria share stories about their experiences and artistic achievements. Coming from realities where culture and art are forces of regeneration of territories that deal with the social traumas of violence and minority, the guests share ways of not paralyzing in the face of so many historical issues that need to be addressed. The post-genocide situation of Rwanda, the genocides in the many Brazils, and the reality where the landscape of wreckage falls on bodies are the guides for the discussion.

Knowledge in Motion
athered under the name Knowledge in Motion, the meetings bring the joy of thinking about what is dance in the time of now, in the most diverse places. Held among artists participating in the Bienal Sesc de Dança, intellectuals, researchers and communities, they seek to reflect on issues and move knowledge between bodies that dance, that watch, that want to start dancing, that dance professionally, or that dance to make life. The dialogues, mediated by Sonia Sobral and Princesa Ricardo Marinelli, are an invitation to cultivate and share the imagination between people, realities and knowledge, and also a place to arrive, in which the body that lives moves, awakening and dancing on its territory.