Baque Rosa is on the street: dancing maracatu with Master Joana Cavalcante

Mestra Joana Cavalcante, Isabelle Caldas, Jamile Passos, Erivannia Maria e Duda Lopes | Brazil | PE

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Open class

All ages


20 Sep ∙ Wednesday ∙ 5:00 pm

Praça Bento Quirino

Entrada gratuita

Open class

The maracatu is the focus of this open class by Master Joana Cavalcante, the only woman to coordinate and beep the drumming of a nation of baque virado maracatu, the Encanto do Pina Nation.

Alongside the drummers of Maracatu Baque Mulher from Recife (Isabelle Caldas, Jamile Passos, Erivannia Maria and Duda Lopes) and members of the movement’s branch in São Paulo, Master Joana shares basic practices of the baque virado maracatu and the Orixás dance of the Nagô tradition.

In addition to exchanging knowledge about this popular culture, the master from Pernambuco conducts a musical presentation for all participants to dance to the sound of the drums.