Carioca Ball

Alissin, Lilian Martins, Luzinha Gomes, Mario MLK Bros, Pablinho IDD, RD Ritmado, Weverton de Sousa, Yoshi Mhorrox e DJ Seduty

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Open class

All ages


19 Sep ∙ Tuesday ∙ 5:00 pm

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Alissin is a dancer and member of the Clarin Cia. de Dança. He danced in the ballet of several Brazilian DJs and participated in clips of artists such as Nego do Borel, Ruxell, Melody and MC Kekel;
Lilian Martins is a dance artist, choreographer and producer. A researcher of black and peripheral dances, she is a member of Clarin Cia. de Dança and Gumboot Dance Brasil;
Luzinha Gomes is a dance artist and member of the company Passinho Carioca and Clarin Cia. de Dança. She has participated in video clips of renowned Brazilian artists;
Mario MLK Bros is a dancer and dance teacher. He works with Clarin Cia. de Dança and investigates classical and urban dances in the group Soul Fênix;
Pablinho IDD is a dancer. In addition to being part of the groups Clarin Cia. de Dança and Imperadores da Dança, he has danced with Ivete Sangalo and Ludmilla, in addition to being champion of the group Dance of Domingão do Faustão;
RD Ritmado is a dancer. He dances in the company Passinho Carioca and the Clarin Cia. de Dança, besides being one of the founders of the Ritmados da Dança;
Weverton de Sousa is a dancer. He studied at the Núcleo Luz project and is now part of Clarin Cia. de Dança and Coletivo Mútuo;
Yoshi Mhorrox is a dancer. A member of Clarin Cia. de Dança, he develops and researches urban dance styles such as waacking, vogue, femme and dancehall;
DJ Seduty is a multi-artist, DJ, producer and designer. He has partnerships with artists such as Seu Jorge, MC Tchelinho and Dornelles, as well as the collective Heavy Baile.