Knowledge in motion: Master Class Carmen Luz – FOR THE WANTS OF DANCE – A Conversation

Carmen Luz, Sonia Sobral and Princesa Ricardo Marinelli | Brazil

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Open class

All ages


15 Sep ∙ Friday ∙ 2:00 pm

Sesc Campinas | Espaço Arena
  • LIBRAS (Brazilian Sign Language)

Entrada gratuita

Inaugural Class

Taught by the artist Carmen Luz, from Rio de Janeiro, the class inaugurates the meetings “Knowledge in Motion”. Anchored in multiple articulations between the arts, the choreographer, filmmaker and visual artist proposes dialogues about biographies and their consequences in artistic activities, reflecting on how dance can be invented in the world and a country like Brazil.

Carmen presents dance as a place of life, based on impulses and aesthetics that emerge from their territories, which reinvent themselves and escape the frameworks proposed by dance clichés. The meeting is a possibility for the audience to hear the artist and exchange with her about the writings of life and the possibility of sharpening alliances.

Presentation: Sonia Sobral.