Pantsula – A South African Rhythm

Sello Modiga and Sicelo Xaba - Impilo Mapantsula (South Africa)

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Open class

12 years


21 Sep ∙ Thursday ∙ 5:00 pm

Sesc Campinas | Jardim do Galpão

Entrada gratuita

The main elements of the South African dance Pantsula are shared with the audience in this open class conducted by the artists Sello Modiga and Sicelo Xaba, from Impilo Mapantsula, collective of the show “The Ecstatic”. During the meeting, participants of all ages are invited to this urban and energetic dance, of virtuous and agile steps.

In a creative and fun way, the artists present the Pantsula and the layers that compose it. Each person is invited to adapt to their own body – through warm-up, choreography and relaxation – the dance movements, which involve jumps and turns. After physical practice, participants are also encouraged to talk about what they have learned.