Up and Down: Big Routes for Small People

Adelly Costantini | RJ | Brazil

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All ages


23 Sep ∙ Saturday ∙ 11:00 am

Sesc Campinas | Espaço Arena

Entrada gratuita

FOR CHILDREN – from 3 years old

Limited registrations on site from 10am

The workshop explores the circus possibilities in the face of obstacles in the public space, fostering the freedom of expression and learning of children’s bodies. Led by the artist Adelly Costantini, the class is based on pedagogies of circus, dance and parkour, a practice in which the urban space works as a support for jumps and radical acrobatic trajectories.

Aimed at children aged three to seven, the activity instigates the perception of the body concerning the space: from more subtle contacts – such as touch, hearing, perception and the notion of group – to more complex bodily practices – such as running, balancing, climbing and jumping. Understanding that each body belongs to the city in its way, the idea is that participants discover their resources to increase confidence and become subjects, by developing bodily creativity.

Children with mobility, vision, cognition and/or hearing disabilities are welcome.