Old Bodies – What Are They Good For?

Luis Arrieta | SP | Brazil

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All ages


15 Sep ∙ Friday ∙ 9:30 pm

Sesc Campinas | Galpão


Where are the old dancing bodies?

The show was born from this questioning and was conceived and directed by the dancer and choreographer Luis Arrieta. Alongside exponent artists of Brazilian dance – Célia Gouvêa, Décio Otero, Iracity Cardoso, Lumena Macedo, Marika Gidali, Mônica Mion, Neyde Rossi and Yoko Okada –, he investigates on stage the possible dances for these bodies.

Each artist puts their gestures and movements on stage, with the errors necessary for knowledge, in the time and place of the present. The meeting is an unspoken conversation, an improvisation loaded with memories and stories of creators who belong to a pioneering generation of scenic dance, with more than half a century of trajectories.

By placing these bodies as protagonists, the performance shows the transversality and urgency of the issues and themes that cross ageism in society, and exalts the permanence of artistic making as an act of political, poetic and subversive resistance.


General direction: Luis Arrieta;
Célia Gouvêa, Décio Otero, Iracity Cardoso, Luis Arrieta, Lumena Macedo, Marika Gidali, Mônica Mion, Neyde Rossi e Yoko Okada;
Assistant director: Lumena Macedo;
Choreography assistant: Suzana Mafra;
Technical assistant: Cleusa Fernandes;
Silviane Ticher;
Video: Vinícius Cardoso;
Emidio Luisi, Gil Grossi e Naava Bassi;
Soundtrack editing: Marcos Palmeira – colagem musical com músicas de Guilherme Vaz e Mercedes Sosa;
Project coordination: Portal MUD (Talita Bretas).

Corpos Velhos: Para que servem-? Foto Gil Grossi.