Sunset at the Roseira Farm

Fernanda Silva | PI, Comunidade Jongo Dito Ribeiro | SP and Otis Selimane | Mozambique

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17 Sep ∙ Sunday ∙ 4:30 pm

Casa de Cultura Fazenda Roseira

The Casa de Cultura Fazenda Roseira, a place that promotes Afro-Brazilian memory and culture, will host an event with dance and music. In addition to contemplating the sunset, the audience is invited to the intervention “Thunderstorm”, with Fernanda Silva; to an experience with jongo, with the Comunidade Jongo Dito Ribeiro; and to the musical performance “Rebirth”, with Otis Selimane.

A body in connection with the ground and the sky celebrates life as a unique experience for each being. On stage, the artist Fernanda Silva creates a quantum dance that dreams of touching the moon and, at the same time, being a tree root. An incendiary dance with the stars, a rite of connection, digital and analog, for hope to never die.

Experience with Jongo
From a practical experience with the jongo circle, the Comunidade Jongo Dito Ribeiro invites the participants to experience the steps and the rhythm of this traditional manifestation of Afro-Brazilian popular culture, an element of resistance and unity. Through singing and dancing, the idea is to share and sustain, with relaxation and affection, the permanence of this ancestral culture.

Mozambican artist Otis Selimane explores African textures and rhythms in this show, incorporating his childhood games and experiences he recently had in Brazil into the songs. In addition to his authorial compositions, he also presents reinterpretations of works by African artists who influenced him. Thus, “Rebirth” is a return to the landscape that influences Otis’ musical listening, his place of origin: Mozambique.